As the population ages, our risk for Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia increases. But age isn’t the only factor. Our diet and lifestyle are taking a toll as well, revealed in the fact that there’s been more than a 20 fold increase since 1950 in the number of individuals under age 60 with symptoms of dementia. The common wisdom is there is little or nothing we can do to prevent that. At least there is no medication that’s been proven to be of much help in preventing or even slowing dementia. As a result individuals with scary symptoms of decline are advised to just contribute to research and hope for the best. Not a very empowering message.

The new scientific reality, however, is that there is MUCH that individuals can do to reduce their risk for cognitive decline, including Alzheimer’s, and slow if not reverse the scary symptoms associated with these disorders, like memory loss and depression, IF the right corrective actions are taken soon enough.

This course was designed to provide those new insights along with detailed instructions on the actions required to identify and reduce one’s risk of age related cognitive decline, and improve their memory as well as other functional abilities in the process.

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