Coaching toward better health — emotional health as well as physical health — is valuable only if clients actually do the homework assigned.

This topic focuses on how to help people comply/adhere better to homework.

What have you done to achieve better adherence? What can you learn and apply from the following?

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Here is a handout you may find useful, either for yourself or for students. Again, you may wish to right-click and save to your own folder, then look at it. In this handout I quickly review the Carol Dweck info about fixed versus growth mindsets.



I just uploaded a video I shot on January 1.

How do we succeed with resolutions? I have some ideas about successful resolutions.

There are differences between goals (or, resolutions) that give you success (HAPPINESS!) and those that don’t.

Happy people tend to set and achieve goals, and unhappy people are focused more on survival. But that is in the way they construe the world.  In building brain health we want to encourage people to set and achieve goals that increase their abilities.

In concentration camps of World War II, some people actually thrived, Viktor Frankl being the best-know but certainly not the only one. It has to do with the quality of goals that individuals set.

Don’t get caught up in the wrong goals! Don’t lose a lot of time and effort pursuing goals that do not bring mental health or happiness!

So here is the video. Again, this video is in a private collection on YouTube. Simply click the link and it should take you there.

The act of sharing brings more lasting happiness, and helping others is a key component to a meaningful life.  That’s one reason why we want you to share this information with your patients/clients.  But sharing with others is also a healthy brain activity. And when people set goals together and work together they are much more likely to comply, adhere and persist.

What do you think?

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