Can we do lifestyle interventions in groups?

As I was preparing this topic, I saw a new study on comparing group based mindfulness meditation with individual cognitive therapy for mixed depression and anxiety patients.

Take a look at my blog posting on that topic, here: http://drlynnjohnson.com/meditation-can-it-be-a-stand-alone-treatment/

Consider that meditation will be one of our lifestyle interventions. The results, that group meditation practice is as good for mixed anxiety and depression patients as cognitive therapy, are remarkable. I wonder if we added activity and eating interventions, would that give even better results? What do you think? Share your views below.

Here I suggest we expand our vision and look for opportunities to teach lifestyles in classes and groups. Leave your comments.

Slide download:

The worksheets are actually class evaluation forms I made up. The first is for the first class:

This one is for subsequent classes:

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