Marketing Dos and Don’ts 

Laws and Ethics 
As noted in the introduction and as you likely know as a health care professional, there are certain things that you can and cannot say, claims that you can and cannot make, and laws regarding privacy that we must abide by when discussing and sharing health concerns and conditions.  Please read the following and request clarification if you have any questions.  You must agree to abide by these relevant laws and standards in order to receive your certification as a Brain Fitness Specialist from the American Brain Council.

Relevant Laws and Ethics

Identifying Those In Need or At Risk 

Perhaps the easiest way to market this program is by adding the 15 Risk Factors assessment tool to your intake protocol.  This will enable you to screen all of your current patients/clients for  dementia risk. If they have hearing problems and 2 or more of these other factors they may be at higher then normal risk for developing some type of cognitive decline or dementia.  You can then simply point this out to them, and ask them if they are interested in learning more about how they can reduce that risk. If they say “yes” then you can take them through the Power Point presentation below, or at least parts there of.

15 Risk factors

You can also send this 15 Risk Factors survey to past clients with a note to the effect that you have added a new service to your practice.  If they can answer yes to 2 or more of these, they are invited to make an appointment to come for a free evaluation, and information on what they can do to dramatically reduce that risk.  You can use the Trails Test, MOCA or MyBrainTrainer.com for this screening. (See Assessment Lessons above.)  If they score lower than normal on any of these, then they are at higher than normal risk, and you can then take them through the following Powerpoint slides.

Intro to Options Powerpoint

This can be used in introducing this program to a client, i.e. any person who might be at risk and interested to learning more about how they can reduce their risk. (See related information in the previous section on How to Expand Your Business.)

It is important that you practice this presentation before giving it to a client. You do not need to use all of the dialogue provided. This is a model, adapt it to your needs and time constraints.  These slides are in pdf format. If you would prefer you can request a copy of the slides in Power Point format and the dialogue in word, so you can edit these to meet your needs.



The following link notes 10 additional ways to market your new Brain Fitness or Dementia Prevention Education services.  Currently the two approaches that seems to be working best for other specialists are  items # 1 Using this program as an Add on to help justify the price of premium hearing aids, or other services you provide. And # 9 conducting Dementia Risk screenings, using the assessment tools noted ab above. The dialogue for this, is currently being prepared. The intent was to put this into a video, but that has not yet been completed.  If you are ready for this, but have not yet received it, contact the Amercian Brain Council and request  more info on Dementia Screenings.


Below are flyers you can use for mailings or to have available for individuals who come to your office, advertising the Personalized Brain Fitness Program




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