Sleep Skill

At the outset, I have to admit there is a big genetic component to sleep. Yet, that said, we now know that there is something called “epigenetics” which means we can actually meddle to some extent with our genome! We can turn some genes on and other genes off, and that means if your client has a tendency to sleep poorly, fall asleep only with difficulty, or awaken too early, that can be addressed very effectively.

Let’s look at the videos, an overview of the skill of sleep. It just so happens that good sleep and brain health go hand-in-hand, so let’s get focusing on being great sleepers. The first three are videos I made for the lay public about sleeping skills.

Sleep Skill 1

Sleep Skill 2

Sleep Skill 3


Here we get more deeply into the topic. This material is aimed at professionals, people who are coaching the poor sleepers.

Lesson 10: Topic 1

Lesson 10: Topic 2

Lesson 10: Topic 4

Lesson 10: Topic 4

Lesson 10: Topic 5

HANDOUTS: Right click (Mac: Command-click) and “save as” onto your computer, then print these handouts out for clients needing sleep help.


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