Brain Fitness & Dementia Prevention Education Certification Course

Are you aware of the ground breaking new clinical studies showing how you can help your patients reduce their risk for dementia and maintain a healthy brain, by coaching them through simple lifestyle modifications, brainwave training, 3D Multiple object training, nutrition, and other computer based cognitive training?  Based on this new evidence, the American Brain Council is offering an online* class and certification course for healthcare professionals.
*Save time and money training online at your convenience with two years of full access to all videos, slides, etc., plus your own clinical handbook and easy access to the latest greatest research on this exciting topic from around the world.

How can becoming certified help my practice?

Why Seniors & others are so anxious to  receive this

What is included in the training?

How can I help my patients by becoming certified in brain fitness?

What Others Are Saying (class critique samples)

“Great Class!”  Dr. A. Olson, Audiologist, NJ
“This COURSE WAS FANTASTIC! Loved it! It was very educational and contained a lot of practical, applicable information.” Alyssa Scott , SLP
“The BEST CEU  I’ve ever attended!”  J Ratner, LCSW, NC
“Very practical and insightful. This is information that every family and health care professional needs to hear!  Alzheimer’s can be prevented! People need to know this!”  C. Osterhauser, WV

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How can I help my patients by becoming certified by the American Brain Council?

Why are hearing professionals good candidates for this program?

What are the requirements for becoming certified?


Abreviated Certification Program (with scholarship): Now only  $395 

This is an online education program. You will have 3 months to complete the course at your convenience.
Next introductory online class:  These are now being scheduled weekly to accommodate participant needs, and market requests. 
For Registration Call:  1-866-634-9880
Certification Includes: 

Through this training you will learn how to grow your business by reaching segments of the population that you are currently not reaching.  Learn how to set yourself apart from your competitors.  Open up doors of opportunity for new revenue streams while making a significant impact in the overall quality of life of your patients!

If you are interested in learning more about this training, please call us at 866-634-9880 


Lynn Johnson:

David Larsen:

Michael Cox:


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