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There is currently an explosion of research going on in the field of brain health. We are learning more now than ever before, but many of the most practical insights are not making it to those in greatest need.

Patient advocacy and research associations are really good at asking for money, but while more money and research is always needed, they have not done a good job of sharing the most practical findings with their donors and the public. So that’s what we are doing.

The Good News

Unlike these associations the American Brain Council Foundation does not ask for large sums of money, yet we provide what you likely are looking for—practical research based answers—on what you can do NOW to avoid memory loss, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The latest research and a growing number of practitioners are now showing ways to get to the real roots of these issues to arrest, and even reverse cognitive decline, even up to mid stage Alzheimer’s, if the right actions are taken soon enough. And that’s what we would like to share with you in this our new ebook.

Note, this 175 page pdf is available for download FREE of charge.  If you would like to contribute to our cause, you can do that as well. (See the options below.) Even $10, will help us increase our outreach to others in need. (See mission satement below)

The fact that this is available to you at no cost, however, should not deminish it’s value. So far as we know this is one of the most insightful compilations of practical insights available, at any price, in an easy to read format. In this book  you will learn:

• The 5 primary causes of cognitive decline, and how to avoid
or mitigate their impact.
• 40 potential contributors, many of which most people are totally unaware of.
• More than a dozen neurotoxins in our air, water, food, furniture, air fresheners and cosmetics that can rob you of brain power, but more importantly….
• How to reduce your risk for each of these
• Why most drugs have failed in this field, and the approach that really works!
• More than 200 medications that can adversely affect your memory – chances are you are taking at least 1 or 2 of these
• Natural alternatives that are often less expensive, but more effective!
• 30 of the best foods for your brain, and 12 of the worst – foods and additives that could be causing your brain to shrink and malfunction.
• The real scoop on food supplements, those proven to help, and a few that can work like Miracle Grow for your brain!
• Why you will need more than a pill to improve your memory and brain health, and what a truly winning synergistic approach looks like.
• How Dr. Bredesen and others are reversing cognitive decline, even in those with Alzheimer’s, and how to develop your own personalized protocol.
• 7 different ways to promote the growth of neurons in your brain.
• Why sleep is so critical. How to get a great night’s sleep, and eliminate those nightly sleep disruptions
• The best types of physical and mental activities for the brain, to increase neuroplasticity and build protective cognitive reserve.
• The ARECORD formula for remembering anything you read or hear.
• How to overcome bad habits that can lead you down the path to dementia, and create new ones that will help ensure progress in restoring cognitive health.
• More than 80 references and links to more information

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A Bit of Our Story and Mission by David R. Larsen, MFHD (author)

In 2009 while teaching a class on brain health for the Alzheimer’s Association, I realized, as Dr. Fortenasce from USC had 2 years earlier, that prevention was entirely possible. And I made a commitment to do what I could to reduce AD in our state (Utah) by at least 30%. It’s interesting how God can expand our horizons, as His ways “are higher than” our ways. Soon after I was invited to teach health care professionals nationally, how to reduce risk for Alzheimer’s and other cognitive decline, for their continuing education credit. After more than 100 classes in 42 states, I am now back working at a clinic in Utah, but the Lord has now seen fit to have this message proclaimed throughout the world – hopefully for the benefit of many more! I hope this message and our book, and DVD’s, will be of help to you and those you love, to enable you to prolong your capacity to serve and enjoy life!

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