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    Amazing New Documentary now available

    Groundbreaking Documentary Series Exposes the TRUTH about Alzheimer’s and Memory Loss: Learn Ways to PREVENT, ARREST, and REVERSE it – 100% Naturally!

    For a preview and link to purchase go here.
    For more information contact Dave at 801-529-8238.


    Learn the latest scientific strategies for improving memory and avoiding Alzheimer's.

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    It boosts memory and enhances the ability to focus, which is extremely important for students, professionals, and those of us who are experiencing a decrease in our mental capacity as we get older.

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    Personalized Brain Fitness Program

    Certified by The American Brain Council   


    * 56 Item Dementia Risk Vulnerability Analysis
    * Personalized Brain Healthy Diet and Lifestyles plan
    * Brain Nutrition proven to improve memory & mood
    * 11.5 inch Android Tablet, Pedometer, heart and sleep monitor
    * Monthly testing, progress evaluation and tweeking as needed
    * Step-by-step 140 pg personal workbook with 6 hours of video training from world class experts
    * Hearing in Noise training
    * Brainwave training for improved short term memory, meditation, focus, and creative flow
    * 12 months of personal coaching, support & assistance with your professional certified in Brain Fitness and Dementia Prevention Education
    * Personalized Science validated Brain Games & Activities
    * Guided Neurotracker training to improve working memory, short term memory, processing speed, and visual and auditory processing speed

    * Following this protocol individuals have performed 15-20 years younger on memory and cognitive assessments.

    $7,000.00 Available through Certified Providers only.
    Call 866-634-9880 for a Provider in your area



    If you want to maintain a healthy brain, improve your memory or mood, or simply reduce your risk for physical or mental decline good nutrition is essential! It's the best investment you can make!
    For information and discounts on the highest quality supplements available for brain health and maintenance Click here.

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