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    Amazing New Documentary now available

    The Truth About Memory Loss – How to Prevent Stop & Reverse It
    You may have heard “there is nothing that can prevent, mitigate or even slow the progression of Alzheimer’s” and other memory problems. Now in this ground-breaking new DVD series 10 of the top experts in the world dispel this myth and reveal the real Truth About Memory Loss. Which in a nutshell is that, there is much you can do to strengthen our brain, and we need to be taking these actions NOW if we are to avoid this devastating plague of Alzheimer’s and related dementias. In this 5 hour DVD series you will learn:
    • The most common causes of memory loss and other cognitive decline
    • The critical role of diet and nutrition.
    • 4 common food ingredients that can damage brain cells and shrink your brain
    • What constitutes a brain healthy diet & some of the best brain boosting supplements
    • Why we are seeing more cases of dementia than ever before and what you can do shield yourself and family from these destructive forces in our food and environment
    • A type of physical activity that improves digestion and causes the growth of new brain cells
    • The critical role of mental stimulation and how to increase that
    • How friends and family can help each other obtain maintain their brains
    • How stress damages the brain and how you can achieve greater peace and joy in your life
    • How to obtain a restful night’s sleep to restore and recharge your brain
    • And dozens of more practical tips from 10 of the top experts in the world, all now at the push of a button on your TV!
    Plus: Now for this month only, you will receive an immediate download at no extra cost, of the latest edition of our popular practical User’s Guide to How to Maintain A Healthy Brain & Escape the Epidemic of Alzheimer’s. See ad above.
    All of this information and much more, will be sent directly to your door, PLUS our 130 page User’s Guide advertised above, immediately downloaded, all for a modest donation of $69.95.

    For more information contact Dave at 801-529-8238.


    How to Maintain A Healthy Brain & Escape the Epidemic of Alzheimer’s

    This 130 page manual provides the essence of the most current practical evidence-based insights into what causes Alzheimer’s and most other types of age related cognitive decline and how to avoid them.  It includes:

    • How we know most memory issues & cognitive decline can be reversed – if the right actions are taken soon enough!
    • 10 rules for a brain healthy diet
    • A review of more than 100 common medications that impair memory
    • The top 24 supplements found to nourish the brain and improve memory, sometimes within hours
    • Guidance from leading experts on physical, mental and social activities shown to bolster the brain
    • Practical tips for managing stress and insuring a good night’s rest.

    Plus an easy guide to creating and maintaining brain healthy habits that will insure compliance and persistence until you achieve the memory and results your desire! All of these priceless insights can be yours NOW for just a $10 donation!

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    It boosts memory and enhances the ability to focus, which is extremely important for students, professionals, and those of us who are experiencing a decrease in our mental capacity as we get older.

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    Personalized Brain Fitness Program

    Certified by The American Brain Council   


    * 70+ Item Dementia Risk Vulnerability Analysis
    * Personalized Brain Healthy Diet and Lifestyles plan
    * Brain Nutrition proven to improve memory & mood
    * Monthly testing, progress evaluation and tweeking as needed
    * Step-by-step 130 pg personal workbook with 6 hours of video training from world class experts
    * Hearing in Noise training
    * 6 months of personal coaching, support & assistance with your professional certified in Brain Fitness and Dementia Prevention Education
    * Personalized Science validated Brain Games & Activities
    * Following this protocol individuals have performed 15-20 years younger on memory and cognitive assessments.

    Cost: All for a $245 donation

    Available through Certified Providers only.
    Call 866-634-9880 for a Provider in your area



    If you want to maintain a healthy brain, improve your memory or mood, or simply reduce your risk for physical or mental decline good nutrition is essential! It's the best investment you can make!
    For information and discounts on the highest quality supplements available for brain health and maintenance Click here.

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